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Grow faster with simple streamlining and easy automation

Marketplaces are an increasingly popular shopping destination for consumers, offering significant consumer reach and revenue growth opportunities. Successful forays into marketplaces demand extensive local knowledge and appropriate tie-ups for your preferred markets and merchandise portfolio.

Automate, streamline and simplify

The more channels you sell on, the more post-purchase tasks you’ll have to manage. Automating your manual workflows, from order processing to inventory allocation, is key to improving efficiency, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Plug & Play integrations

Add a new online sales channel or marketplace, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, 3PL, shipping providers, EDI provider and accounting tools in minutes with our high-performance Plug & Play apps.

Multi-channel inventory management

Sync all of your channels and manage your inventory in one place. Updates are synced in real time across channels, ensuring your staff spend less time adding data manually and more time delighting your customers.

Automated workflows

Easily set-up automation rules tailored to your unique e-commerce workflows. Automatically fulfil orders, allocate inventory, create PO and invoice customers, freeing-up more time to spend on serving customers and growing your brand.

Automated multi-channel order fulfillment

With our Automation Engine, you can easily set up order fulfillment automation rules for all your channels, even if you use different warehouses or dropshippers. You can also automate partial fulfillment, back orders, order routing, back-to-back ordering, invoicing and more.

Centralized Inventory

We synchronize your inventory to enable a single view of real-time inventory. Our system provides customized inventory controls specific to marketplaces.

Easy multi-channel replenishment

Get immediate updates when items on each channel need to be reordered and be alerted to slow-moving products that can be liquidated. Choose the metrics that matter most to your business for regular reports.

Integrated Point of Sale

Integrated POS gives you a complete picture of your business. Your inventory is automatically updated and accounting journals are created in real time, resulting in a full order history for each customer and saving your staff countless hours of processing time.