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Make returns your competitive advantage. Not as a problem statement

Reverse logistics have never be easier. Our dedicated returns team processes returned shipments daily to ensure that your customers receive their refund as quickly as possible.

Return Management Solution simplifies the returns process for you by handling both vendor returns and customer returns effectively and decreasing the inventory processing time for returned items. Also, the system facilitates creation of a replacement order against a returned item and allows processing on post returned item has been received in the warehouse, thus reducing chances of human error and dual shipment.

  • Easy handling of delivered and non-delivered forms of customer returns, by creating the return and making a warehouse inbound at the same time or separately.
  • Handling replacement orders against any customer returns system allows the user to create a replacement order in pending status, which would be confirmed post the returned item has been received in the warehouse.
  • Effectively manage vendor returns for items procured with/without a PO, ASN etc.
  • Generate return labels, quality check and segregation as good/bad inventory and put-away to respective zones and bins for all returned items.
  • Reverse logistics to track returns shipment for the faster refund.
  • Approve returns and update return status easily.

Get a real-time overview of inventory levels with concise dashboards that highlight things like stock on hand, items on purchase, the top items that need to be reordered, and the most overstocked items. See how your inventory is performing over time to spot developing trends and opportunities. Select the metrics that impact your business goals for periodical comparisons.

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